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Precious Gems,




"Gemstones are the reservoirs of cosmic colour frequency"

-Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacarya,

author of Gem Therapy

Gems for healing works with the understanding of subtle energies. Subtle energies are defined by Professor William Tiller

of Stanford University as "all those energies existing beyond the four known to present day science". Subtle energies

are the energies of consciousness, or that which has awareness and exists separate to physical manifestation.

If one has a mechanistic view of reality, if one accepts the modern science and medical viewpoint that we as humans are composed of nothing more than a collection of atoms, molecules and tissues, and organs, that after a brief period on earth all turn to dust, then the comprehension of gemstone therapy in its various forms will not come easily. 

"Knowledge comes from space; our vision is its most perfect set. We have two eyes:

the earthly and spiritual. It is recommended that it become one eye. Universe is alive

in all its manifestations, like a thinking animal.Stone is a thinking and sentient being,

such as plant, beast and a man."

-Nikola Tesla

If however, one has an expanded view of reality, which forms the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ancient Ayurveda of

India, and all other systems of true spiritual knowledge, the concept of the subtle vibrational field emanating from the gem

raising the frequency of out of balance and polluted human energy fields, through sympathetic resonance, is a Divine

blessing for the ills and woes of humanity, as well as activating consciousness and optimizing potential in those who are already well

How can a gemstone heal the body/mind/spirit? In spiritual science, or the science of consciousness, gemstones are considered

the highest evolution of the Mineral Kingdom. The Mineral Kingdom is the first evolving realm of consciousness, upon which the

other universal realms are based. The physical outward expression of the gemstone relates to its mineral composition, to the presence of trace elements giving the gem its unique colour, to its geometric atomic structure, the presence of inclusions within the gemstone, and other factors. As in the vegetable kingdom, the animal and human kingdom, and beyond, the physical form is the vehicle through which the consciousness expresses through. The consciousness has its own qualities and properties, and it is primarily the high subtle vibration of the consciousness in and around the gem crystal that conveys the powerful healing frequencies which can bring balance to mind, body and soul.

Gemstone bhasmas or ash are part of the ancient ayurvedic pharmacology of healing. For those that have worked with these specially prepared alchemical substances made directly from the pulverized gem, the incredible "magical" healing power of these substances is quickly noted. Gem bhasmas are considered the deepest and most rapid acting of all the ayurvedic pharmacology which is in itself vast. Once again, the preparation of the ash from the gemstone is activating the consciousness of the gem, tapping into the divine created power within, and it is this potency of vibration that is primarily responsible for the remarkable healing effects gem bhasmas have on so many ailments of body and mind.

Gemstone Elixirs made from the gemstone, by placing the gem in water as a carrier of frequencies for many hours in sunlight along with other activation procedures, also results in highly vibrational healing. We have gemstone elixirs available upon request.

For those that have explored subtle energy healing, or vibrational medicine, it is surprising or perhaps unsurprising if one understands the vibrational potency of gems how often gems or gem based systems are utilized. The wonderful system of Harmonics developed by the late Dr. Mel Rees, chiropractor (who along with Dr. De Jarnette, developed the great gift to humanity, the system of Sacro Occipital Technique, SOT chiropractic) is a form of gem therapy. Dr. Rees's harmonics work with tiny gemstone particles embedded in circular harmonic discs activated through specific subtle energy procedures. 

The gemstones, primarily the seven considered in ancient Vedic science to be the most powerful representations of the seven planetary energies.(see home page) when for the most part untreated, radiant, transparent and vibrant, are there to be our friends, to be with us through times of elation and happiness and success as well as through life's challenges and obstacles.

 In Tibetan medicine the single most powerful way to attract health and wellbeing is to wear the correct resonant gemstone. The reason being that the wearing of the correct gem is said to attract the subtle frequencies of the seven planetary energies which from the time of our birth influence our karma, on all levels: health, position in society, success, relationships, wellbeing.



Strengthens the heart and improves the circulation. Hot in energy, ruby increases pItta, and reduces kapha and vata. Strengthens the will, gives insight and enhances power. Ruby is the stone of power, and is a good stone for leaders. Ruby ash is said to be a heart tonic, and general stimulant, good for the nerves and for general debility.


Wearing a pearl, promotes body fluids and nourishes the body tissues and nerves. Increases kapha, and decreases pitta and vata. Due to its similar chemical composition to bone, pearl has an affinity with bones and teeth. Anyone with bone and teeth issues, is recommended to wear a pearl. Of all the gemstones, pearl when correct for a person, is said to have the most transformational effect on the wearer. According to the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, pearl strengthens the female reproductive system, and calms the emotions Wearing a pearl has a spiriitualizing effect where life events can be viewed as if from a higher realm and with detachment.

For use in healing, when worn on the body, keshi pearls are the most recommended. Keshi means "seed". Keshi pearls are pearls without an artificially implanted nucleus. Cultured pearls are grown on a farm, and a piece of plastic is the usual implant, which the oyster then grows the nacre around for protection. The implanted nucleus in a cultured pearl can be up to 90 percent of the pearl. Keshi pearls have no implanted nucleus, Keshi pearls are of all different shapes and colours, with a beautiful lustre. 

Wearing a pearl according to Dr. Benoytosh Bhattacarya, although white, silver, gold or black in colour, releases orange subtle globules of colour frequency into the auric field of the wearer. For use in healing, dark and black pearls are nor recommended.

Pearl ash is considered to be sedative, nervine and antacid. It is used for hyperacidity, ulcers, liver and kidney ailments, nervous excitability and hysteria. It is a good general tonic for women and infants.


Considered the best all around stone for promoting health and vitality. Yellow sapphire balances the hormonal system, and increases ojas the subtle immune energy of the body. Slightly warm in energy, it balances all the humors, and is especially effective for lowering high vata. It is used in India to treat all wasting diseases, as well as diabetes. Yellow sapphire ash is tonic, good for the nerves, strengthens the heart, and improves digestion.


Calms mental agitation, helps with nerve pain, said to increase intelligence. Good for communicators, actors, public speakers, musicians as emerald works with the planet Mercury which is related astrologically to conveying thoughts and ideas. Emerald protects against evil influences and against radiation. Harmonizes vata, decreases pitta, can slightly increase kapha. Cool in energy, emerald promotes healing, strengthens the lungs, and mind. It is a harmonizing stone. Emerald bhasma(ash) is tonic and good for the nerves. It is a good blood purifier, and is effective against toxins in the system. It is used in Ayurveda to treat fevers and infections, as well as asthma.


Cold in energy, blue sapphire protects against all negative energies and increases resistance to infections. It strengthens the bones, increases longevity, and calms the mind and emotions. It is a good stone to promote peace and detachment. It is the stone of the planet Saturn, which is the planet of karma. Of all the seven gems used in Vedic Jyotish astrology the greatest care must be taken with the prescribing of this stone.

Blue sapphire should only be worn by those whose lagna or rising sign in Vedic astrology is supported by it, to avoid harmful consequences, such as accidents and ill health. Blue sapphire ash is used for arthritis, rheumatism, fevers, infections, and nerve pain.


Diamond strengthens the kidneys and reproductive system and enhances ojas. It protects the life force , and enhances creative abilities. Diamond ash(hira bhasma) is tonic, nutritive, and is said to be aphrodisiac. It gives strength and firmness to the body, and is considered in Ayurveda to strengthen the system against invasion by entities(possession).