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Precious Gems,



Bion ring, pendant/Atlantis ring, EM protection



Bion 2 gem ring above set with yellow sapphires

with central 22 ct gold band. 





The Bion Ring is based on the design of an ancient sandstone

ring, known as the "Assouan Ring". The ancient ring is thought

to act as a quantum filter, and potent amplifier of bio-resonant

frequencies, through sympathetic resonance technology.

The Bion(Atlantis) ring was said to have been worn by the Atlantean

priesthood to help attune themselves to their higher self. Modern

day wearers of the Bion ring report increased happiness, joyfulness,

sense of wellbeing and freedom from addictive or harmful behaviour.

Click here to watch a video of the history of the Bion(Atlantis) ring:

The original ring was discovered by the Marquis D'Agrain in the year 1860 in the Valley of Kings, Egypt The ring was found in the tomb of the Egyptian high priest, Jus; it was the only artifact found at the excavation site which had a markedly different appearance to all the other ancient Egyptian pieces found at the tomb. Inscribed on Jus's tomb were the words: "I offer immunity to the first visitor here."

The Assouan ring is thousands of years old. Some believe that it actually originated in Atlantis. Others believe that the design of the ring was "channelled" from older Atlantean intelligences to a stoneworker during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep, who then made the ring out of sandstone. Some believe that the "Heretical Pharoah" Amenhotep 4th, who was married to Nefertiti, was the father of Tutankhamen. 

He analyzed the electromagnetic waves emitted by the sandstone ring; his remarkable findings showed that a powerful protective field was propagated by the ring; this protective field would surround the person wearing the ring, as well as their house and immediate surroundings.

Howard Carter, the British archaeologist found out about De Belizal's research into the protective properties of the unusual ring.

Many members of the King Tut excavation encountered misfortune, such as Lord Carnarvon who funded the expedition, who died from an apparent insect bite shortly after the excavation was completed.

Howard Carter wrote that he attributed his wellbeing during and after the excavation to a protective talisman. The talisman Howard Carter wore was the copy of the Assouan sandstone ring.


Modern analysis of the Bion ring, (based on the design of the original Assouan ring) using Vegatest electronic equipment, as well as kinesiology, confirms De Belizal's conclusions: the ring creates a powerful protective "cocoon" around the wearer, significantly reducing electromagnetic, geopathic, psychic and other stress.

Tests performed in Australia, by Dr. Mark Abriel, D.C. USA and Dr. Bruce Purkiss, D.C. with the Bion ring and other widely marketed devices designed for electro-magnetic protection, indicated a 30-40 % increase in EM protection from the Bion ring, over the other devices tested. The ring also positively influenced other bio-indicators,including having a normalizing effect on certain glandular as well as chakra functions(chakras:energy centers along the spine).

Tests conducted by Dr. Keith Maitland, Dip. ICAK ( confirm the Bion Ring and Bion pendant’s protective effects against man made Electro-magnetic Radiation.

In the 21 st century, where man-made electronic smog, from computers, television, radio waves, mobile phones, the military HAARP and other sources, is now considered to be one of the greatest threats to wellbeing, the technology of the ancients, in the form of the modern variations of the Assouan ring, is proving to be a real gift from the Gods




Mark Abriel, D.C. developed the Bion Pendant in 2005, to complement the effect of the

Bion ring. The Bion Pendant acts synergistsically with the Bion Ring, and with appropriate

gems such as natural, uncultured pearl, diamond and emerald, for additional protection

and consciousness enhancement. The Bion pendant uses similar bio-energetic channel

concepts to the ring, to act as subtle energy conduits. 

The Bion pendant works with specific biological frequency windows separate to the Bion ring.

For example, the Bion pendant has a greater protective effect against fluorescent light exposure

than the Bion ring.

For further info on the Bion pendant, please go to






From the period of 2005-2017, from Umina Beach on australia's Central coast, to

the Byron Bay area ten hours north on the border to Noosa Heads in Queensland Mark

Abriel, Director of LightWave Films, his teenage son, Tom, and others have been able to

document on high resolution digital stills and video, the appearance of anomalous

minous energy/3D forms.

These forms were not generally visible to the eye at the time of photographic capture.

Scientists such as astrophysicist, Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D. have provided evaluations

of these stills and video clips. Dr. Teodorani has provided some possible hypotheses as

to how the phenomenon is being captured by video and still cameras yet not visible to the h

uman eye. Dr. Teodorani's hypothesis include: a) Digital camera sensors being sensitive to

light spectrum outside of human visual sense(ultra violet, infra red) b)The phenomenon

appearing at rapid flash rates beyond the human brain's capacity to discern.

Some of the images captured by Mark and Tom Abriel reveal distinct geometric configurations.

One of these configurations is in the shape of a central longitudinal band, around .4 metre in

length. At either end of the band, is a "v-shaped" configuration. These geometric configurations

have appeared in very close proximity to the physical bodies of Mark Abriel, his son Tom, and o

thers.. This would confirm that the phenomeon is bio-interactive.

Some of the geometric shapes captured in stills and videos of the luminous forms appearing in the

Evanescent documentary, show similar shapes to those forming the construction of the Bion ring

and Bion pendant. This is an area for further research.

The 60 min feature film, Evanescent is available as a DVD from LightWave Films, Box 916, Byron Bay,

NSW, 2484 Australia. Cost is $30, plus Evanescent is distributed online through Gaia TV.

photo: toroidal light anomaly, sri lanka 2019. photo: Mark Abriel

Bion bio-tuning technology and the ancient stupas of Sri Lanka

Dr. Mark Abriel, developer of the Bion pendant EM protection/consciousness activation device, visited the island of Sri Lanka in 2019 to conduct research into the ancient man made geometric forms, known as the stupas. The stupa form is based on a universal subtle energy template, acting as a bio-field resonator and regenerator: the stupas emanate toroidal energy fields which strengthen and protect the energy fields of all living things. Mark was able to photograph unexplained toroidal and other energy forms around the stupas, and this research is being made into a feature documentary film.  

The form of the stupas closely resembles in aspects that of the Bion ring and Bion pendant, providing new understanding of how these devices may work as miniature versions of the stupas, in the form of personal toroidal field, subtle energy tools worn on the body.

Mark Abriel, Midigama Sri Lanka stupa, 2019

Bion Ring/Bion pendant testimonials

Hi Mark,

Just a note to comment on the Bion ring and pendant I purchased from you. I have accumulated quite a collection over the years including 2 sets of the Wands of Horus, 8 pendants, magnetic bracelets etc. Your ring and pendant are the most beneficial to me in that they seem to neutralize most negative effects I have encountered, especially shopping centres (I think we all become drained there). Also they impart a feeling of calmness, emotional balance and heightened energy levels. I wholeheartedly recommend these products. Thank you for making them available.

Best regards

Dennis O’Connor

[email protected]

Hi Mark.

Just a follow up to let you know of the changes with the Bion ring.

It took about a week to find which finger the ring wanted to stay on(funny when i put it on a wrong finger it either itched or just would not stay there no matter how much it was adjusted) it found a home on my right hand little finger.

But what it does is really strange.

It assists with my breathing.(yes believe that)

I have always suffered from blocked sinuses through the day, either it be just the dirt in the air or fine particles. By nose was constantly blocked. However when I wear the ring within 5 minutes it’s all clear and stays that way all day

Take it off for any length of time and blocked up sinuses, put the ring back on, all clear within 5 minutes. Some times when I have had a runny nose, I put the ring on and straight away it begins to stop.

How bizarre. I can't explain it but it does it every time.

If I leave the ring at home when going to work, by the time I get there nose blocked and stays that way until I get home to put the ring back on. Now I don't think it is just a coincidence or whether it’s mentally done, but I must say the ring has helped with clearing up any sinus problem I have had.

I swear by the ring. Wear it every day. So far also haven't had any colds since getting it as well. So it must do something.


Eric Gordon


When I tested positive for the Bio Pendant I wasn’t sure yet if I needed to get it. Mark kindly told me to feel or meditate into it for a moment away from the market stalls. At the edge to the beach I sat down and placed the pendant between my hands.

After very short time my hands got hot and my intuition and guides told me very clearly that this is a piece of jewellery which is beneficial for me and that I can use it also in sessions for clients!

I realized that this little device is creating an energy flow of high vibration. Due to spinning energy in these vibrations nothing in lower frequency can get into this created field.

Especially now in times of big energy shifts within and around us a product like the Bion Pendant is very helpful and essential to me. I wear it all the time. Thank you to the creator!


I'm really loving the Bion ring, wearing it everyday in fact!

-Louise Mahoney    [email protected]

Hidden energies have a huge impact everyday on our ability to be happy, confident and relaxed, and on our health. … anything that offers electromagnetic protection is very helpful, and the Bion ring is one of the best.

-Dr. Keith Maitland, Dip, ICAK , Elanora, Gold Coast, Qld,


Four months ago I became a lucky owner of a Bion Ring. Since that time, I have been wearing it every day. Recently, I have noticed my mood improved and have no problems with sleeping. I feel more energetic and better cope with stress. Now I understand I will continue wearing this ring and look forward to some positive things in my life.

-Irina Yuzhakova, Moscow, Russia

email: [email protected]

I purchased a Bion Ring from Mark, and he also kindly sent me an Emerald pendant to trial, as Emerald is the gem recommended by my Vedic astrology chart. I tried wearing the ring by itself for a couple of days, and I definitely experienced an improvement in my ability to focus and remain "clear-headed". (I normally have days when I am really "out of it" for whatever reason, so to be able to focus properly was so good!) Then I began wearing the Emerald pendant and the Bion Ring together, and I noticed other improvements, like being able to enjoy a good night's sleep for the first time in several months. I also find it much easier to remain calm and "move on" from life's little annoyances now: whereas before I just tended to stew over negative stuff, which definitely was not healthy. All in all I am extremely happy with whatever the Ring and pendant are doing for me!

-Fiona Hayward [email protected]

"I feel benefitted from and recommend the Bion ring

for stress reduction, and improved sleep patterns."

-Dr. V. Thutikaran, Dental surgeon, Colombo, Sri Lanka